I'm a voracious reader, high school English teacher, writer, foster mom to the world's coolest two-year-old, doting aunt, proud Buffalonian, and lover of random acts of kindness, the color pink, Elvis Presley, and all things vintage. 


Basically, my life is full of joy. Most days. 


Some days, joy is harder to find. Books are a great place to start.  

My earliest memories of "joy reading" are from grammar school, when I started reading "chapter books." Ms. Library (I choose to believe that was her real name) introduced me to new authors and series regularly. I vividly remember the treasures that I discovered in that tiny library with the green rug: Anne of Green Gables, Nancy Drew, Ramona, and so many others. I also remember how I felt after finishing a book that I loved - breathless, joyful, hopeful, sometimes even a little bit exhausted and sad to leave beloved characters behind.


All of these years later, thanks to parents who always made sure that I had plenty of books and, of course, to Ms. Library and many other fabulous teachers and librarians, I am still reading, still savoring all of that post-book joy.  


Somewhere along the way, I also started to write a story of my own, a middle-grade novel (of course!) inspired by my days as a youth softball coach. I'm still working on that. Stay tuned!


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